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Compulsive hoarding in its worst forms can cause fires, unsanitary conditions (e.g. rat and roach infestations), and other health and safety hazards. Contact us for professional help.

Our Services Include: Hoarding cleaners Canberra | Biohazard Cleaning Canberra | Forensic Cleanups Canberra | Hoarders Cleaning Canberra | Squatters Clean Up Canberra | Gross Filth Cleaning Canberra | Sewage Clean Ups Canberra | Suicide Clean Ups Canberra | Urine and Faeces Clean Ups Canberra | Sharps and Needle Clean Ups Canberra | Decontamination Cleaning Canberra |

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Bio Hazard, Rubbish, Crime, Hoarding, Deceased Estates and trauma cleanups

1Often an embarrassing situation for the owner or occupier. Rubbish Removal Technicians will work swiftly and discretely to remedy the situation and restore the property to a liveable home.

Household, office, furniture, carpets, beds, mattresses, Appliance removals

2Rubbish, trash, junk or anything else you no longer require, our Rubbish Removal technicians will remove, pack and cart away. No job too big or too small.

Yard clean ups, Garage, Sheds, Patio, Commercial business, outdoor rubbish removal

3Our Rubbish Removal service provides personalized hard rubbish, garden waste and junk removal in all Australian areas at competitive rates. We offer a full range of services.

Green Waste, Garden Refuge, Tree Cuttings, Old Machinery, Junk, Timber Pergolas

4Tidying your yard of garden and general rubbish can be an awful jobĀ  and is one that we put off for far too long. All suburbs in Australia. A thorough clean up at the completion of the work .

Listed below are possible symptoms hoarders may experience:

1. They hold onto a large number of items that most people would consider useless or worthless, such as:



* Junk mail, old catalogs and newspapers.
* Worn out cooking equipment.
* Things that might be useful for making crafts.
* Clothes that “might” be worn one day.
* Broken things/trash.
* “Freebies” or other promotional products.

2. Their home is cluttered to the point where many parts are inaccessible and can no longer be used for intended purpose. For example:
* Beds that cannot be slept in.
* Kitchens that cannot be used for food preparation, refrigerators filled with rotting food, stove tops with combustibles (such as junk mail, as well as old food piled on top of burners).
* Tables, chairs or sofas that cannot be used for dining or sitting.
* Unsanitary bathrooms; piles of human or animal feces collected in areas of the home, giant bags of dirty diapers that have been hoarded for many years.
* Tubs, showers, and sinks are filled with items to the point where it can no longer be used for washing or bathing. Hoarders would thus possibly forgo bathing.
* Some hoard animals they cannot even marginally care for; dead pets cannibalized by other pets are often found under the heaps. Pets suffer due to lack of mobility.

3. Their clutter and mess is at a point where it can cause illness, distress, and impairment. As a result, they:



* Do not allow visitors in, such as family and friends or repair and maintenance professionals, because the clutter embarrasses them.
* Are reluctant or unable to return borrowed items.
* Steal due to the impulse of possession.
* Keep the shades drawn so that no one can look inside.
* Get into a lot of arguments with family members regarding the clutter.
* Are at risk of fire, falling, infestation or eviction.
* Often feeling depressed or anxious due to the clutter.

Our Services Include: Hoarding cleaners Canberra, ACT | Biohazard Cleaning Canberra, ACT | Forensic Cleanups Canberra, ACT | Hoarders Cleaning Canberra, ACT | Squatters Clean Up Canberra, ACT | Gross Filth Cleaning Canberra, ACT | Sewage Clean Ups Canberra, ACT | Suicide Clean Ups Canberra, ACT | Urine and Faeces Clean Ups Canberra, ACT | Sharps and Needle Clean Ups Canberra, ACT | Decontamination Cleaning Canberra, ACT |